If you think you need a coach or a mentor or simply someone to support you and encourage you to achieve your goals, I know I can help, this is my website, this is what I do, coaching is my passion.

Total Coaching is a private coaching practice based in Switzerland with a small client base built on the concept of specialist and personal attention for every client, coaching employees in the work place, coaching people in their daily lives and coaching people to achieve their fitness goals to enjoy a healthy balanced life style. My methods of coaching are all geared to guide, challenge and support my clients to do better and to realise their aspirations.

My name is Lester Heath. I live in on the Costa-Blanca, Spain. For 20 years I have specialized in coaching, supporting and motivating people just like you to overcome the obstacles that keep them from accomplishing their goals and dreams.

Achieving our goals is not a matter of chance it is a matter of choice! Our goals are not something to wait for but something to strive for!